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Product Showcase: EoTech Holographic Sights
by Dustin  Vaughn Warncke, Mac & Prowler Pro Staff
I am continually impressed on how far we have come in the world of optics for our firearms over the past decades. One of the pioneers on this blazing this trail, without a doubt, is EOTech and their holographic optics technology or HWS (Holographic Weapon Sight). Originally designed back in the 1950’s for military aircraft and other large platforms, holographic technology made its way through the years and EOTech translated this same technology to a smaller platform that has held a solid place into the firearms optics world over the last decade. Many people will equate EOTech with military-grade and “black rifle” style tactical optics as well as other tactical accessoiries. This is true. EOTech’s holographic sights have been a part of many military and law enforcement service firearms around the world for several years now. It goes without saying that the technology of holographic sights has been a game changer to the optics world in many ways but this technology is not just for tactical applications by any means. 

While military and tactical utility has been a large part of the market for EoTech in the past several years, there is great place in the world of hunting for the use this kind of optic. Before I joined Mac and Prowler, I had never even thought of using holographic optics for hunting applications. Bill and Randy both peaked my interest in this company and line of products back when I first joined the team as they were big fans of hunting with holographic sights because of the fast target acquisition and freedom that is given to the shooter by being able to keep both eyes open while acquiring a target and taking a well-placed shot and accurate shot. EOTech sights are battle proven and tough as they come as well. To ensure quality control, the company continually tests samples from each production run against some of the harshest conditions and abuse most of us will ever encounter and their products stand the test of time and durability without breaking a sweat. 

As you might know from reading my other articles, I am a fan of military-grade style gear for hunting for the sheer durability, utility, and longevity factors alone. That is what makes EoTech’s line of products so perfect for the world of hunting, among other things. Most of the holographic sights EoTech carries mount on a standard weaver rail or picatinny rail which can be added to just about any drilled and tapped receiver of a rifle or shotgun if there is not one already on there, without a trip to the gunsmith. Most AR-15 pattern rifles come with a rail or a myriad of options for mounting these sights in most cases but HWS sights certainly aren’t only for AR-style rifles. Mac & Prowler’s favorite use of these holographic EoTech sights is to mount them on our 12 gauge Mossberg shotguns, most recently the Model 935 autoloader, and hunt coyotes and other predators utilizing Winchester #4 buckshot. This is an awesome combination and is hard to beat for effectiveness as a total package.

On another note, Randy (Mac) tells a great story of a customer of his who he introduced to skeet shooting during a hunt years ago. He had no prior experience with a shotgun and was on the learning curve most of us have been on with leading the clay target in flight and following through. Consequently, he was having difficulty at first hitting anything he was aiming until Randy handed him his own shotgun outfitted with an EOTech site. This helped tremendously with keeping an open view of the target and maintaining the proper amount of lead and follow through. He started busting almost every target he hit after shooting with the EoTech after that.

I have read of hunters and sporting clay shooters using holographic sights for purposes like this before in aerial target shooting but this story brought it home for me. If you have someone, especially a young hunter or an older one just starting in the sport, fundamentals are key and an EoTech optic is a durable solution to helping new shooters learn where to aim and the basics of wing shooting or sporting clays. For turkey hunting, small game, and all kinds of predator hunting with a shotgun or rifle, I think it fits the prescription very well for having better accuracy than just shooting a bead or even a regular red dot sight. EoTech’s own website has several testimonials and videos of successful hunts using the EoTech sights.

The HHS II is one of the most innovative sights in its class that EoTech produces as it has a “switch-to-side” magnifier for long-range shooting which can easily be put into place or moved to the side for closer shots in cases where magnification it is not needed. This is very innovative and a nice feature to have when longer range shots are possible but the versatility is amazing and it’s all in one package which gives a shooter amazing flexibility.

You can add an EoTech sight to just about any application including even Handguns, crossbows, and more! Another main advantage of the Eotech over a red dot scope is its relative size and target acquisition ability. You still have all of the same abilities to change the brightness of the reticle, like you would for a red dot sight, but other than that, it’s a different league. 

Unlike reflector sights, holographic weapon sights does not use a reflected reticle system. Instead a representative reticle is recorded in 3D imagery and then translated onto holographic film that is part of the optical viewing window. This might sound complicated at first but the end result is an extremely durable and accurate fast target acquisition sighting which is perfect for anything from wing shooting to big game or predator hunting. EoTech holographic sights may not be the least expensive sights you put on your firearm but they will be among the best options possible for quality, durability, fast target acquisition, a larger field of view, and an accurate shot placement. It is hard to beat all of those factors together with most other optics available today.  

Visit EoTech online at or see our Partners Page for more information. We are happy to have EoTech as one of our fine product sponsors and believe their products are among the elite on the market today. 

Dustin Vaughn Warncke is an avid hunter, outdoor industry consultant, and Pro-Staff for Mac & Prowler as well as several other outdoor industry product and guide service businesses. E-mail Dustin at 
or visit Warncke Enterprises at
Dustin's Russian SKS with an EoTech  XPS3
Dustin's Review: This is an incredible asset to any semi-automatic rifle or shotgun platform or any other firearm for that matter. The optic is durable, easy to mount, and the best sight of its kind I own. The XPS3 is even night vision compatible! I replaced the scope I had on this SKS rifle with this XPS3 and have never looked back. It gives the gun a great look and is a perfect sight for fast target acquisition!