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Coyote Tales
TV Show
Tech Tip Videos from Dustin Warncke, M&P Pro-Staff

The Power of Positive Thinking and a Good Attitude in  Hunting
Hands Free Hunting - Using and Headlamp Flashlight
Hunting a 20 Acre Woodlot: Urban Hunting Set-Up 
Crossbow Hunting and General Archery Hunting Tips

So...You Want to Start a Hunting Show? 
Advice and Tips from Dustin 
Practical Accuracy: Part 1- Rifle Basics - Practicing Good Habits 
"After the Shot" - Wounded Wild Game Recovery - Blood Tracking  
Preparing for Hunting Season: Hunting Ammo 
"Shoot to Kill"
Hunting Tutorial: Skinning and Quartering Deer and other Big Game
Practical Accuracy: Part 2 - Targets and Home Practice
Practical Accuracy: Part 3 - Handgun Practice and Tips for Better Accuracy
Crossbow Shooting 101 - Basics & Fundamentals
Compound Bow Shooting 101 - Basics & Fundamentals
Keeping Your Gun Safe Dry