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About the Mac & Prowler Team
Mac and Prowler use their individual skills to harvest coyotes, bobcats, fox, wild hogs and more.  We also pursue  other species of game from time to time but predator hunting is at the heart of what we do.

Mac and Prowler is family-owned and operated in Texarkana, TX. Our hunting show, Coyote Tales, are featured on Legacy TV, a national cable network as well as Buck Forage TV and the Hunting Channel Online, both web-based TV format that is very popular among outdoorsmen. Please see our HOME page for more info on each of these networks.
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Committed to producing the best in hunting videos and "real world" advice for hunters at any skill level.
Mac has been hunting predators for more than 30 years, coming from a life on a dairy farm he had to learn at an early age to sabotage predators before they diminished his family’s livelihood. Harvesting the elusive coyote and bobcat became a passion with Mac and now he wants to pass his knowledge along to you to make you a better hunter and enjoy the sport of predator hunting to the extreme.   Mac teamed up with Bill Henson of Video Perfection Photography to make this project come to life. 

Bill owns and operates a photography and video production company in Texarkana, Texas long known for excellence in it’s production values and commitment to top notch outdoors’ photography and shows. Bill is married and raised 3 children, 2 boys and a girl. He is an avid bow hunter and loves hunting elk in Colorado.

Mac is married and has two children, one boy & one girl. Both love to hunt and fish. Mac is a successful hunter and manages a hunting ranch in Northeast Texas. After harvesting hundreds of coyotes and bobcats over the past 30 + years, he called me and asked, “Bill, of all the things I do in hunting, what do you think I am the best at?” Without hesitation I answered “Calling & hunting predators! Why?” Mac replied, “Why don’t we take my knowledge of hunting predators and your knowledge of video & photography and make a series of DVD’s about predator hunting?” And that is how Mac & Prowler got started.  

Dustin Vaughn Warncke joined the Mac & Prowler team as pro-staff and marketing director in the summer of 2011. He is an avid gun hunter, bowhunter and also enjoys hog dog hunting and bowfishing among other outdoor sporting activities. He lives in Central Texas  with his wife, Meagan, and son Jackson. Dustin brings a wealth of knowledge to the M&P team as he is also an outdoor industry sales and marketing consultant and web designer with his own company, Warncke Enterprises. Dustin's goal is to to help the average hunter on a budget get the most value for the money in outdoor products and well as featuring the best tried-and-true products available on the market today. Dustin films and produces several tech tip segments, writes articles for the website and other platforms, and serves as pro- staff for several outdoor product companies, guide services, and hunting ranches in the outdoor industry.

Our show, Coyote Tales, now airs on regional and national cable networks as well as on several web TV platforms such as  Buck Forage TV and The Hunting Channel Online! 

We intend to continue to make Mac & Prowler the most sought after outdoor TV Show series on  hunting. To do this, we need your input! How can we make it better and what do you want to learn? We love to hear feedback from our viewers! 

Feel free to contact Mac at, Bill at or Dustin at Thank you for visiting our website!

Dustin Warncke, M&P Marketing Director and Pro-Staff